The Good Shepherd

Dec 10, 2023    Bill Brown

Picture a shepherd in your mind. If you’re like most 21st-century Westerners, you most likely have a picture of Jesus in a white robe and blue sash with a glowing complexion and flowing locks of hair carrying a sheep on His shoulders. This is far from the reality of shepherding in Jesus’ day.

Imagine living among sheep day in and out. Sleeping on the dusty ground at night. Never showering. Chasing after wandering sheep. Being a shepherd was one of the lowest jobs in the ancient world. It was smelly. It was tiring, and there wasn’t a lot of socialization involved.

Being a shepherd was hard work because you had to care for your flock of animals, know their individual needs, and lead them to places of pasture, every day. Being a good shepherd was difficult and dangerous work.  

The Bible calls Jesus the "Good Shepherd." Join us as we "unwrap" the gift of Jesus, as our Good Shepherd and discover what that means for us today.