Gain wisdom. Live faithfully. Act courageously.

You believe in Jesus, but your everyday existence doesn’t look all that different from the way your non-Christian neighbors live, and you wonder if your life even matters.

Colson Fellows are a diverse community of discerning Christ-followers who know that feeling. Most of our lives may look ordinary, but as C.S. Lewis reminds us, “There are no ordinary people.” Not when we are each made in God’s Image for an eternal destiny and called to live an earthly mission that reveals His Kingdom.

Join Colson Fellows at Gracepoint!

Your days are full. But when is the time to pursue God’s Kingdom if not now?

The Church Affiliate Program offers a way for local churches to provide the Colson Fellows Program to their members, and was designed for men and women with busy, complex lives.

 This unique program combines spiritual formation and worldview development through a combination of reading, online learning and monthly meetings with your peers to provide an intense and rewarding experience.

Join us for a ten-month exploration of the Christian worldview and enter a dynamic and lifelong fellowship of believers committed to living courageously and faithfully—in the ordinary and extraordinary circumstances of these times.

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