Hosea Part 1

Apr 28, 2024    Neil Montgomery

God is truly an amazing God who loves us even when we live in ways that should merit Him turn away from us. But God is merciful. He is gracious. And He is patient. His hope is that we all would turn to Him.

Peter talked about this in his message to the Church in 2 Peter 3:9. From Genesis to Revelation God’s message (really an invitation) is to “come and follow me.” When we walk away from Him the Bible urges us to return.

That essentially is the message of the Minor Prophets and God uses incredible ways to get that message across. God told Isaiah to walk around naked for three years. He has Ezekiel lie on his side for 390 days…all to create a living illustration of His love for His creation. If that doesn’t peek your curiosity about our new series, I’m not sure what will.

God has Hosea do something that seems strange and even tragic…but the purpose is to show the reader the lengths God will go to in order to redeem His people.