Jonah: It's Not About the Fish

Jul 7, 2024    John Sessions

Sometimes we forget that all people are created in the image of God. They are of great worth because God made them. So, when we look around and see the depravity of the world around us it's easy to view people who don't know God as the enemy. Especially, when some of those people do such evil things--cheating, murder, abuse and unthinkable violence.  

Many of us long for God to come and put an end to those people--to stop the evil. It's difficult to think of praying for those people or even sharing the hope of Christ with them. But that is exactly what God did with our next prophet, Jonah. God's mercy can reach the one who is farthest from can provide forgiveness and hope to the worst among us.   

Join us as we begin exploring God's message through Jonah.