Hosea Part 2

May 12, 2024    Neil Montgomery

It's Mother's Day this Sunday. Great news...we're looking at one of the greatest love stories in the bible. You may not believe this, but the book of Hosea is one of my favorite love stories. Who doesn't want a love story on Mother's Day?

It's about a groom who marries a prostitute. I know what you're thinking. But...this story shows the depths to which God goes to in order to show us His love for us and the pain of our rejection to Him. This is a story about brokenness and redemption. It's about hope against all odds.

The wild twist in this ancient book is that it is there for you and I. In a very real sense the book of Hosea is "our love story." I hope you'll join us this Sunday to open up it's pages and revel in it's wondrous truth.